Strategy Primer [Half Day Workshop]

Strategy centres on fundamental decisions about what an organisation does, how it does it, and for whom.

It can all seem mysterious, specialised and high-brow, yet the reality is that strategic decisions filter through the day to day running of a business or organisation.

Strategy Primer addresses strategy as a practical matter, where the ability to read and adapt to a complex environment can lead to vastly improved results.

This pragmatic approach means that participants can bypass jargon and theoretical frameworks and focus on getting to grips with the reality of what’s going on in their market and industry.

Workshop Outcomes
After completing Strategy Primer participants will be able to:

• Recognise the key strategic challenge of how to mesh their areas of competence and excellence (on the one hand) with market need and opportunity (on the other)
• Describe what a Strategic Issue is and how to identify it
• Describe not only how to formulate strategy but also how to implement it (and hence stack the deck in favour of success).

Key Content
Strategy Primer includes the following:

• Strategy as a means of adapting to the business (or stakeholder) environment
• The purpose of an organisation
• Strategy and the performance cycle
• How to use a SWOT analysis for maximum impact
• Identifying sources of opportunities
• What is a Strategic Issue, and why is it important?
• Why bad things happen to good strategies
• What a typical strategic planning process looks like
• Examples of different strategy types, and
• Dealing strategically with influential stakeholders.

Each participant receives a pack of material including notes, templates and articles.


Target Audience
Strategy Primer is aimed at executives and senior managers responsible for setting organisational direction, and mid-level managers responsible for formulating or implementing divisional strategy.


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