Simulations and Training

Michael Carman Consulting offers training and workshop facilitation in the areas of performance improvement, communication, strategy and leadership.

I advocate the use of simulations for learning and performance improvement. Rather than simply communicating concepts, simulations allow participants to immerse themselves in an experience, learning by doing in an environment that closely replicates reality.

I develop and facilitate people-based and game-based role plays and simulations.

Whatever their shape, simulations bring ideas to life that would otherwise remain dry and abstract.

Engagements include:

  • developing and delivering a three-session course on skills for new managers for a Justice agency and a not-for-profit campaign organisation
  • creating and facilitating a development centre on leadership aimed at mid-level managers in a Justice agency (mid- and late- 2013). This was a simulation-based exercise in which participants role-played parts in a series of linked scenarios revolving around a major change (a takeover), to highlight skill strengths and development opportunities
  • developing and delivering a simulation-based course on business analysis and performance improvement for a Justice agency (2013 and 2014). This course enabled participants to apply the concepts they had learnt through the use of a game in which participants work for a fictitious financial institution and progressively improve its performance. The course was offered and successfully run three times
  • developing and delivering a series of training courses titled Clear Communications and Robust Relationships for OneGov GLS (the Government Licensing Service which is part of the Department of Finance & Services). All staff participated in the training in late 2013 and early 2014, which made use of role-plays where participants could practice the concepts they had learnt
  • developing and leading an interactive online (LiveOne) learning session on Creative Problem Solving for Strategy Development in April 2011 for the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

"Michael Carman developed and delivered a series of courses to help develop staff communication skills. All OneGov Government Licensing Service staff participated in the training, which was delivered in late 2013 and early 2014.

The training was very well received, with positive feedback from participants. Staff particularly liked the sessions that were conducted in a small group format with role plays and simulations. The day after the training, staff commented that they overheard other participants using the techniques they had learnt and rehearsed the day before. So the training clearly had a positive impact and was embedded in day-to-day business.

I am happy to endorse Michael's work in providing learning and development in communication and soft skills."

- Lisa Asquith, Relationship Manager, OneGov GLS

I have published extensively in the L&D sphere, with nine articles published to date in Training & Development magazine. These articles range across topics including simulation-based learning, change management, performance improvement, training needs analysis, and using L&D to support business strategy. Click here to read these articles on the Research and Publishing page.

- Greg McMahon, CEO, Carpentaria Disability Services - Training Participant

“Well presented, clear, concise and always focussed on the subject”
- Margo Napier, Carpentaria Disability Services - Training Participant

"This workshop has been well delivered, well paced and will prove very beneficial - thank you."
- Sheree Burton, Workshop Participant

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