About Michael Carman Consulting

Michael Carman has been assisting organisations to develop and implement strategy, define and improve results, and analyse and solve problems since 2000.


Michael has been engaged by ANSTO, Broadspectrum, the NSW Department of Justice, the NSW Land & Housing Corporation, Lend Lease, the Australia Council for the Arts, Sydney Trains and NSW Trustee & Guardian. He has run workshops and addressed seminars, delivered a guest lecture to Masters students at the University of NSW, and was interviewed on Sky TV’s Money Makers program in July 2008. Michael has written articles for Management Today, Australian Property Investor, the Australian Financial Review and Government News. His work has been cited in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian.

Aside from being a highly literate and numerate strategist and communicator, Michael's most significant skills - and those particularly valued by clients - are his ability to crystallise seemingly vague and unformed issues, and to assimilate and present complex ideas in a digestible form that can be used to make decisions.

Michael is a full member of the Institute of Management Consultants and the Institute of Public Administration Australia.


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