Performance Unplugged [Two Day Workshop]

Performance Unplugged is the ‘big one’ – an intensive two-day workshop which spans the full breadth of organisational, team and personal performance improvement.

Encompassing performance management, strategy, problem solving, personal performance and building performance into an organisation Performance Unplugged is a complete learning and development solution for those who want to jump-start organisational performance and sustain that performance, and unify management teams in the process.

Workshop Outcomes
After completing Performance Unplugged participants will:

• Define what constitutes performance and results for their own organisation
• Describe what drives performance improvements
• Develop clear actions to improve their organisation’s performance
• Describe their service or organisation in an entirely new and holistic way.

Key Content
Performance Unplugged includes the following:

• The importance of creating a context for performance, and how to do it
• The six guiding principles of performance and how to apply them to your business or organisation
• The six stages of the Performance Management Cycle, setting performance goals and performance indicators
• How to tell a useful performance indicator from a useless one
• How to unpack the ‘levers’ of performance so they can be used to drive improvements to performance
•  How strategy links to performance and can be used to improve it
• How to build performance into an organisation using the performance cascade
• Collaboratively reviewing performance and analysing the sources of success
• Sharing best practice
• Establishing performance improvement systems … without creating bureaucracy
•  What really motivate staff and binds people together
• Problem solving for improved performance
• Improving personal performance and effectiveness.

Each participant receives a pack of material including notes, templates, questionnaires and articles.


Here’s what participants have said about Performance Unplugged:

Greg McMahon, CEO, Carpentaria Disability Services

“This workshop has been well delivered, well paced and will prove very beneficial – thank you”
Sheree Burton, Roper Gulf Shire Council

“Well presented, clear, concise and always focussed on the subject”
Margo Napier, Carpentaria Disability Services


Target Audience
Performance Unplugged is ideal for executives and senior managers responsible for setting organisational direction and developing a unified workforce; middle managers responsible for running teams or divisions; and anyone who wants to improve their personal effectiveness and contribution to their organisation.


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