Performance Improvement Primer [Half Day Workshop]

Improving performance – whether boosting revenue, reducing errors, controlling costs, enhancing teamwork and staff morale or increasing customer satisfaction – is a fundamental aim of businesses and organisations.

Gaining a clear idea of what performance is, what drives it and how to improve it is therefore essential.

Performance Improvement Primer is an entry-level session giving managers an overview of how to work out what drives performance and how to improve it.

Workshop Outcomes
After completing Performance Improvement Primer participants will be able to:

• Identify the main ideas and techniques behind organisational performance management and improvement, and
• Describe what high performance looks like.

Key Content
Performance Improvement Primer includes the following:

• The importance of creating a context for performance, and how to do it
• The six guiding principles of performance
• The six stages of the Performance Management Cycle
• Setting performance goals and performance indicators
• Finding out what drives performance
• How to tell a useful performance indicator from a useless one, and
• Tips and traps in using performance scorecards.

Each participant receives a pack of material including notes, templates and articles.


Target Audience
Performance Improvement Primer is ideal for those new to management; middle managers moving into senior management roles; or senior managers wanting a refresher on important first principles.

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