Key Skills in Creative Problem Solving [Half Day Workshop]

We are problem solvers by nature: the human species has had great success solving the problem of survival and of adapting to nearly any environment. Yet we nonetheless continue to face blockages in our ability to solve problems which seem fixed and immovable.

Key Skills in Creative Problem Solving teaches participants how to draw on their innate problem solving ability and apply it to any aspect of work or professional life.

Workshop Outcomes
After completing Key Skills in Creative Problem Solving participants will be able to:

• Identify the steps in a structured problem solving process
• Use a toolkit of problem solving tools and techniques to find solutions to problems they face in professional life.

Key Content
Key Skills in Creative Problem Solving includes the following:

• The four-step problem solving process
• Examples and case studies of real and powerful problems that have been solved across many different areas of human endeavour
• Problem symptoms versus causes
• Techniques for identifying causes of problems
• How to avoid a key source of new and extra problems
• How to use brainstorming to generate solutions
• Tips and traps in problem solving.

Each participant receives a pack of material including notes, templates and articles.

Target Audience
Key Skills in Creative Problem Solving is for anyone – at any level – who wants to increase their effectiveness, overcome obstacles and have greater impact in their professional life.


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