High Impact Personal Performance [Half Day Workshop]

Effectiveness is necessary to leading a high-impact life.

High Impact Personal Performance is a workshop encompassing time management, communication and goal-setting, while also going beyond these to deal with fundamental guiding principles of high performance and mastery.

High Impact Personal Performance provides clear ideas and practical techniques to boost personal performance and position you for success.

Workshop Outcomes
After completing High Impact Personal Performance you will be able to:

• Identify the key principles of personal performance improvement
• Identify your personal strengths, and the way you learn
• Make best use of your time
• Deal powerfully with interpersonal situations.

Key Content
High Impact Personal Performance includes the following:

• Principles of personal performance
• Feedback: a critical ingredient of performance improvement
• How do I perform? How do I learn?
• Personal performance and time management
• Communication that works
• When interpersonal situations go askew.

Target Audience
High Impact Personal Performance is ideal for anyone who wants to have greater mastery and impact in their professional or personal life.


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